Dalsa Leica 100mm F2.8

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A rare and affordable Panavision alternative. The Dalsa Lecia 100mm.

Kit Includes

  • Dalsa Lecia 100mm F2.8 lens
    PL Mount

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Dalsa Leica 100mm F2.8 (PL mount)

This is a rare Dalsa Lecia 100mm F2.8 lens can cover Super 35mm and also 35mm Full Frame and Red Dragon 6k. Leica have always been regarded as the makers of incredibly sharp photographic lenses. And it is no secret that Panavision use a lot of Leica glass in their lenses. Well, Dan Sasaki, one of the optical geniuses at Panavision left and went to design lenses for the Dalsa Cinema Company when they had ambitions to rival Panavision. These lenses were designed and made between 2007 and 2009 when Dan worked for Dalsa. Dan has since gone back to Panavision but we have these lenses. So you get the quality of Leica glass in the robust cinema style housing that looks remarkably like a Panavision lens. One of the sharpest 100mm lenses you will see. Pair with the Dalsa Leica 19mm we also have for sharp lenses at either end of the focal spectrum.