Zeiss Superspeed 50mm Mk3 T1.3

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Zeiss Superspeed Mk3 T 1.3 lens in PL mount

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  • Zeiss Superspeed Mk3 T 1.3 lens in PL mount

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Zeiss 50mm Superspeed Mk3  (PL mount)

A single Zeiss 50mm T1.3  (PL mount) which covers Super 35mm/APS-C sensor size. These are the most sought-after Superspeed lenses as they have a good focus travel, clear markings and circular iris effects for good bokeh.

Many people have noticed that Superspeeds are a really good match for digital cameras. So if you don’t need a full set, you could get a Superspeed lens at a great price – some directors have made a whole movie with just a 50mm!

Easy to use on a pro environment with 80mm front for clamp-on matte boxes and built in focus and iris gears.

Its very rare to be able to hire a single lens outside of a set so if you are strapped for budget but still need a great look this is a good way to achieve that.