Canon FD 100mm SSC F2.8

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*Our minimum hire charge is £30+VAT. Check out our full range of Canon FD lenses and create your own set to get the best value.

Bring your close-ups to life with this classic Canon FD lens.  Achieve cinematic visuals with on a budget. This FD lens is fitted with a native EF mount.

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  • Canon FD 100mm SSC F2.8 lens

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Canon FD 100mm SSC F2.8 lens

The Canon FD 100mm lens is a great option for those looking to add a vintage or classic look to their footage. Canon FD lenses are highly desirable for the visual character they provide to modern digital cameras. This is a great value option if you are looking for that famous Canon K35 look without the price tag. In fact, Canon FD lenses are so similar in style to their Oscar-winning cousins, that you can pick the Canon FD 100mm to supplement the K35 set if you need to get closer than 85mm. Our range of Canon FDs come with a native EF mount, courtesy of EDMIKA, and cover full frame sensors. They operate manually and so autofocus and auto-iris functions do not pair with them.

The native EF mount means you can put the lens straight onto a range of great cameras. There’s no need for any adapters additional optics getting in the way of the sensor, giving you the truest image.

You can grab the Canon FD 100mm on its own or pair it with another from our range covering 20mm to 85mm. Alternatively, hire the whole set – perfect for short films, music videos or fashion promos where budgets are tight.

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