Canon FD 20mm F2.8

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*Our minimum hire charge is £30+VAT. Check out our full range of Canon FD lenses and create your own set to get the best value.

Shoot wonderful wide shots with this vintage Canon FD lens. Get sweeping cinematic visuals on a budget. This FD lens is fitted with a native EF mount.

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  • Canon FD 20mm F2.8 lens

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Canon FD 20mm F2.8 lens

Hire our Canon FD 20mm lens and produce classic looking wide shots. Our range of Canon FD lenses is a great option for those looking to add a vintage or classic look to their footage on a tight budget. Shooting with this highly regarded vintage glass adds natural lens flare, vivid colour contrast and beautiful focus fall off. We used EDMIKA to update our Canon FD 20mm lens with a native EF mount, so it can fit a number of excellent digital cameras. With no adapters or additional optics you get the cleanest possible look, thereby further increasing the wow factor of your images.

The Canon FDs are a close cousin of the more Famous Canon K35s. You can use them to supplement a set of K35s with different focal lengths or to match with K35 footage. The Canon FD 20mm covers full frame sensors so is as at home on a Red Epic as it is on Blackmagic Production Camera. Despite retro-fitting the EF mount, this is a classic prime lens with manual operation only. We’ve also added a step-up front so you can pair them with 77mm screw-in filters.

You can grab the Canon FD 20mm on its own or pair it with another from our range. We can offer focal lengths between 28mm and 100mm. Alternatively, hire the whole set – perfect for short films, music videos or fashion promos where budgets are tight.

To understand what we find so exciting about these lenses take a look at this article from F-stoppers.


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