Canon FD 28mm F2

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Vintage Canon lens re-housed for modern cameras. Bring a classic look to your video.

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  • Canon FD 28mm F2 lens

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Canon FD 28mm F2 lens

This Canon FD 28mm lens is part of our range of Canon FD lenses. We have customised by EDMIKA to give it a native Canon EF mount, so it fits directly onto EF mount cameras without the need for an adapter.

Canon FD lenses are particularly desirable today as they offer a real classic look which takes the edge of characterless modern digital footage. Expect some lens flaring, sharp in-focus areas with a beautiful blur to the backgrounds. Focus fall-off is smooth. The colours are gentle but vivid.

We think these are the perfect lenses for any occasion adding a style and class you only get with vintage Canon lenses. They cover a full frame sensor and so can be used with large form digital cinema cameras as well as smaller DSLR types. We’ve also added a step-up front so you can pair them with 77mm screw-in filters. The lens has manual functions only – no autofocus or autoiris function. They are vintage after all!

Pick the lenses you need individually or save time and money by hiring the whole set.

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