Canon FD 85mm SSC F1.8

£20.00 / day + VAT

*Our minimum hire charge is £30+VAT. Check out our full range of Canon FD lenses and create your own set to get the best value.

A classic Canon FD lens, updated with an EF mount. Add a vintage quality to your close-ups.

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  • Canon FD 85mm SSC F1.8 lens

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Canon FD 85mm SSC F1.8 lens

Hire our Canon FD 85mm to add a bit of vintage class to your close-up shots. Modern lenses can’t replicate the visual quality of older lenses like Canon FDs. They add real character and impact to digital footage that can sometimes look flat and clinical. The Canon FDs are especially beautiful providing softly blurred backgrounds that contrast with areas in sharp focus where you want it. This glass offers a natural lens flare and produces colours that are natural and vivid.

Hire the Canon FD 85mm on its own or pair it with another from our range covering 20mm to 100mm. Alternatively, you can get the whole set!

We sent all our FD lenses to EDMIKA to be fitted with native Canon EF mounts. They fit directly to existing modern cameras with no additional optics or adapters required. The lens covers a full frame sensor, making perfect for larger digital cinema cameras. These are classic lenses and therefore they are manually operated. As a result, the autofocus and auto-iris functions on your camera will not work with them. We’ve also added a step-up front so you can pair them with 77mm screw-in filters.

To discover a bit more about what Canon FD lenses can bring your shoot, take a look at this article from F-stoppers.