OneShot Colour Reference Chart

£20.00 / day

*Our minimum hire charge is £30+VAT. Add this to your hire one of our Sony, Canon or Blackmagic cameras to get the best value.

Easily match colour variation in skin tones across multi-camera set-ups with this essential piece of kit.

Kit Includes

  • OneShot Colour Reference Chart

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OneShot Colour Reference Chart

Gear Factory is excited to be able to offer DPs, DITs and self-shooters – the OneShot Colour Reference Chart. Using this simple device makes it easy to colour match different cameras in post.  What’s more, it helps speeds up your time in the grade – be your editor’s best friend!

  • Invaluable chart for use as an on-the-set reference in high pressure and time sensitive shooting environments.
  • Provides a colourist with the full dynamic range of a scene, plus DSC Precision colours and skin tones
  • OneShot chart is printed with a matte surface to reduce obvious reflections

Make matching skins tones across different cameras an easy process by getting a colour reference at the start of filming. It’s perfect for multi-camera setups with different cameras. Likewise, overcome common problems associated with live events, weddings, matching aerial footage or B-Roll with your A camera or documentary footage shot on different cameras across different days. Start each shoot with a colour reference shot and you can save a lot of time and energy in the grade suite.

Match GH4 and GH5 footage, or in the same way Sony A7S and A7Sii footage. Match your GoPro wide shot with your main camera.

Once you’ve tried the OneShot Colour Reference Chart it will become an essential part of your camera bag.

See how easy it is to match skin tones in Resolve:


That’s not all – using a colour reference chart gives you a head start in your colour grade.  It enables you to quickly reproduce a realistic colour balance from the camera rushes.

Here’s a 3 minute video to prove it!




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