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Hire Rates Calculations

All rates quoted are for a single day’s hire. We aim to be transparent about how longer terms are calculated so you can assess without needing to get a quote from us first.

Many hire industries work on a 24-hour hire basis. So if you pick up at 10am you have to return by 10am the next day and that is one day’s cost. We do not work that way to better serve film shoots that start early in the morning and can run late.

In general a hire is collected the afternoon before a shoot commences and returned the morning after. So your shoot day is not interrupted and is technically more than 24 hours.


A weekend is charged as 1 day only. This is as we are not open to receive returns on the weekend so we cannot know how many days you actually shoot for. Again, you’d collect Friday afternoon and return on Monday morning, for one day’s charge.


Customers often presume rental costs are directly tied to the capex of the equipment being hired. Capex only accounts for a portion. A major cost of hiring out any equipment is front heavy administration: establishing a client’s credentials, liasing with a client, holding, preparing and checking equipment, then void periods before and following a hire for checking and if need be repair.

For this reason we can only discount a rental further the longer it goes on for as those costs are reduced. We follow this pattern:

A one week hire is charged at 5 days out of 7.

A 2nd week’s hire is charged at 4 days out of 7.

Further weeks are charged at 3 days out of 7.

For hires of 4 weeks or more, there may be room to further discount, depending on the particular utilisation profile of the equipment being asked for.


Test days for hires of less than a week are chargeable days.

For hires of a week or longer, 1 test day is allowed for gratis for each week of a hire.


Please contact us for advice if required.

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