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Hire Credentials

In order to hire equipment from the Gear Factory, each NEW CUSTOMER is required to complete a simple, online form.  Due to the value and replacement cost of the equipment on hire, new clients must provide credentials and standard proof of identity.  Much like if you were hiring a car.  There is no credit check involved.

If you are a returning customer, you will have already fulfilled the pre-hire conditions and so, as long as your circumstances haven’t changed, you can proceed with your hire.

Please Note: Completing the form does not constitute a hire enquiry – you must still use our online system to request a quote or email us with details of the equipment you need and your dates of hire.


All hires require insurance, you must have sufficient insurance to cover the total value of all the items you wish to hire. This maybe covered by an annual policy, or you may require a policy for each hire you make. For hires of a small value, cover through the Gear Factory’s insurers can be included as part of your hire for an additional 15% charge.

Need insurance? For your safety and satisfaction (as much as ours) the Gear Factory recommends you only apply for cover provided by reputable firms.

We recommend:


All hires require full payment in advance. There are no exceptions to this.

Please note there is a minimum hire charge of £30 + VAT.

Please contact us for advice if required.

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