Nikon Prime Lens Set – SLR Lenses

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Perfect cinema lenses for low level light and handheld shooting.

Kit Includes

  • 15mm F3.5
    20mm F2.8
    35mm F1.4
    50mm F1.2
    85mm F1.4
    105mm F1.8

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Nikon Prime Lens Set – SLR Lenses

A set of 6 prime lenses with sharpness and clarity to match high-end cine PL lenses. The Nikon 35mm, 50mm and 85mm each have F1.4 stops to help with low light shooting and their lightweight design makes them suitable for extensive handheld shooting scenarios. They have an 80mm standardised front and gears for follow focuses.

It’s possible to use these with Canon EF mount cameras with a thin shim.