Glimmer Glass Filters

£30.00 / day

Bring a bit of glimmer glamour to your shoot

Kit Includes

  • Glimmer Glass Filter

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Glimmer Glass Filters to hire at Gear Factory London:

Glimmer Glass  Filter 4×5,6 (PV Size) available as a set or in the following grades:

Gade 2, Grade 1, Grade 1/2, Grade 1/4

Used mainly as a filter for beauty work, the filter helps to soften skin details, blemishes, and wrinkles. It also produces glowing highlights and a mild reduction in contrast for a more ethereal appearance. The 1/2 density provides more softening than the 1/4.

Glimmer Glass filters also have the advantage that when viewed from the subject’s perspective, the filter appears to be sparkling, which can help to instil confidence in models, resulting in a potentially better performance.

See how different the Glimmerglass filters look in this demonstration video:

TIFFEN GLIMMERGLASS from The London Filter Company on Vimeo.