Pancro Mitchell Diffusion filters

£30.00 / day

Rare USA filters

Kit Includes

  • Glass Filter

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Pancro Mitchell Diffusion filters to hire at Gear Factory London:

Pancro Mitchell Diffusion filters 4×5.6 (PV size) available as a set or in the following grades: A, B and C


Set of RARE in the UK filters to hire at Gear Factory London. These are softening diffusion filters bought from the USA. The are best used for facial close-ups to soften undesirable features such as freckles, blemishes, and wrinkles. They create a romantic ambiance by softening colours and cutting sharpness. Made from a single piece of optical-select glass the filter works by refracting a portion of light as it passes through the filter. Whether softening facial features and colours, or cutting sharpness, the final effect on screen is subtle and unobtrusive, the use of a filter is undetected. Filter density starts at “A” where it is the least dense, and increases incrementally to “E”. We have the A to C filters.


See how the Pancro Mitchell Diffusion filters compares against other options such as Soft FX, Glimmerglass, Pro-Mist, and Black Pro-Mist, in this demonstration video:

Diffusion Filter Test Part 3 from Alfredo Altamirano, AMC on Vimeo.