Cooke Zoom Lens 20-100mm T3.1

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Simply put, this is a beautiful zoom lens.

Kit Includes

  • Cooke 18-100mm T3
    Support Bracket

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Cooke Zoom Lens 20-100mm T3.1

The 20-100mm T3.1 is a beautiful Cooke zoom lens. Sharp throughout the focal range, it features the same ‘Cooke look’ many have grown to love. Package includes a lens support bracket.

Designed by Gordon H. Cook this 35mm Cooke 20-100mm, T3.1 Varotal lens was first released in 1971 and right up until the late 1908s. It was the first high-quality zoom designed for professional motion picture photography. It’s innovation meant Cooke had to come up with a totally new design concept, one that has remained the basis for all Cooke zoom lenses subsequently produced.

The lens has sealed front focus unit and fixed front element, eliminating the risk of dirt and moisture being drawn into the lens and allows matte boxes and filter holders to be easily fitted. The Cooke zoom lens has an anti-reflective, wide-band Varomag high-performance coatings. This variety of technologies helps produce that classic look we now regard as the Cooke standard; with shadowed area definition, light transmission and durability, in addition to giving ghost and flare-free characteristics.