Lomo Anamorphic Roundfront 50mm or 75mm lens

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Lomo Anamorphic Round Front 50mm or 75mm lens.

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Lomo Anamorphic Roundfront 50mm or 75mm lens available from Gear Factory London

Gear Factory has Lomo Anamorphic Roundfront 50mm or 75mm lenses for hire. This listing is for a standalone hire between a 50mm or 75mm lens. If you require a range of lomos then check out our full set from 35mm – 100mm.

Lomos create the cinematic look every DOP craves. Blockbuster films from the 1980s are famous for using anamorphic lenses to add stylish distortion and lens flare to their films. If your production is looking for an authentic filmic quality then Lomo anamorphics are the way to go.

Round front lomo lenses offer a significant advantage over older, more traditional square fronted lomos. The lomos offered here have a single focus action and the anamorphic elements do not move so there is no “anamorphic mumps” or changes in ratio over the focus range.  The front rotates with the focus and so we recommend pairing the hire with a mattebox and bars.

Both the 50mm and 75mm round front lomo in this range currently have metric markings only – no imperial measurements. They have a 2x anamorphic squeeze and are set in PL mount with proper geared focus rings.

The reason you can only hire one or the other? The front anamorphic parts are the same: we exchange the rear spherical part to be either a 50mm or 75mm. In future may offer other lengths as well.

While these are Arri PL mount, with an adapter they can also be used on the Panasonic GH5 in anamorphic mode to great effect

Have a look at this great short “Kingsland” shot with this set by Jake Gabbay to get an idea of the cinematic feel achievable.

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