Canon FD Lens Set for hire in London

£90.00 / day

Classic look Canon FD lenses with native EF mounts. Perfect alternative or alongside Canon k35s.

Kit Includes

  • Canon FD 28mm F2
    Canon FD 35mm F2
    Canon FD 50mm F1.4
    Canon FD 85mm F1.8
    Canon FD 100mm F2.8

Clear dates

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Canon FD Lens Set

Canon FD lens set – these are vintage, unusual, classic look lenses. We have some very special, customised, Canon FD lenses available to hire. Here’s why you need them for your next shoot.

They give you a fantastic classic look very much similar to the style you get from a set K35s. BUT they are yours for just £90 per day.

They cover a full frame sensor, and with thanks to EDMIKA, we’ve customised our Canon FD lenses to natively fit a Canon EF mount. Giving you the cleanest possible picture- no adapters or additional optics getting in the way. We’ve also added a step-up front so you can pair them with 77mm screw-in filters.

When you need a set of classic look lenses for your EF mount camera or if our set of Canon K35s isn’t an option – the Canon FD lens set is the perfect fit.


The set consists of:

  • 28mm F2 SSC
  • 35mm F2
  • 50 mm SSC F1.4
  • 85mm F1.8 SSC
  • 100mm F2.8 SSC


We’ll also be adding in a 20mm F2.8 just as soon as we’ve finished making it awesome.

All these lenses can also be hired individually.

Want to know more about what shooting on Canon FDs can do for your images? Read this handy article from F-Stoppers.

Stop by and check them out!  Simply add these to your kit list and get a quote online. We have a range of EF mount cameras and accessories available to suit any budget. Build your kit list on


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