Easyrig Vario 5 with Serene Arm

£170.00 / day

Shoot with a gimbal stabiliser all day long.

Kit Includes

  • Easyrig Vario 5
    Gimbal vest
    Flowcine Serene Arm
    230 mm (9in) extended adjustable arm
    Transport Bag

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Easyrig Vario 5 with Serene Arm

The Gear Factory London now offers an Easyrig Vario 5 fitted with a Serene arm to further enhance its use with gimbal rigs.

Ronins and Movis are incredible gimbal tools for creating smooth free flowing tracking movements. But supporting them purely on the operator’s arms quickly leads to fatigue.

The Serene arm stabilises vibrations and motion errors on the vertical axis caused by walking or running with the rig. It also compensates for side-to-side errors by pivoting around its centre axis.

The Serene arm integrates seamlessly with the functionality of the Easyrig, still giving you full use of the Easyrig cord extension for those high and low shots.

The Serene can support camera set-ups between 6-19.5kg, and you can easily fine tune the spring tension without a tool.

The Easyrig Vario 5 itself provides the added benefit of being able to adjust the line tension to adapt to many different cameras and configurations. The vest relieves strain on your back, neck and shoulders. The load is redistributed to the hips allowing you to shoot handheld in comfort for hours. Build with gimbal stabilisers such as the Freefly Movi or the DJI Ronin in mind, the Vario 5 been designed with a wider front, fitting around the waist and over the hips. This provides superior lower back support that allows the operator to carry weights further away from the body.

Finally, we supply the 230mm support arm with our system to give the best height for a gimbal system. So protect your back and arms and shoot for longer with this great systems.

  • Mounts on any Easyrig arm in the 2/2.5/3 and Vario4/5 series.
  • Serene arm allows for a frictionless boom range of 180mm.
  • Easyrig cord passes through enabling high/low mode shooting.
  • Two springs cover the payload range of 6-19.5kg.
  • Totally reactive at both slow and fast walking/running sequences with push/pull forces of 800g to 1200 g depending on the camera load and gimbal total weight.
  • Allows for further accessories like the Serene Extension arm.


See the Serene arm working in close up here in this prototype test:

You can see Johann the designer demonstrating the Vario 5 at NAB: