£120.00 / day

Easy to use, low cost stabiliser

Kit Includes

  • DJI Ronin Stabiliser Rig
    Transmitter for dual operators
    Batteries & Charger

Optional Accessories

may be charged at additional cost

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DJI Ronin

The DJI Ronin is smaller and more versatile than even the MoVi, and makes smooth shooting on the run available to everyone. A hassle free, low budget option that should be considered for all kinds of projects. From corporate video to feature films gimbal stabilisers like the MoVi and the Ronin are transforming the way directors conceive, imagine and plan shots. Gear Factory London can offer you both.

The Ronin is small and easy to set up, perfect for the range of Blackmagic Cameras or DSLR shooters. It can even fit an Epic if required. A lot more of the unit is made from metal though compared to the MoVi which is all Carbon Fibre, so overall the rig is heavier (but cheaper). You may want to consider our bungee backpack or Easyrig Vario 5 to allow for longer shooting times and reduce fatigue.

The Ronin boasts a few significant advantages over the Freefly MoVi M10, not least that it is slightly smaller and therefore easier to handle in tight spaces. It’s designed with a completely automated tuning procedure, via a blue tooth app.  The Ronin is also even more versatile, boasting three different holding configurations straight out of the box – no new accessories required.

You will need to have an IOS device (iPhone, iPad) with the DJI Assistant app installed to make system changes, the passwords for our units are set to 000000  (in other words, 6 zeros)

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