Bungee Backpack Support for Freefly MoVi

£50.00 / day

Gear Factory’s very own creation

Kit Includes

  • Bungee Backpack Support

Optional Accessories

charged at additional cost

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Bungee Backpack Support for Freefly MoVi M10 and MoVi M15

We’ve made our own Gear Factory Bungee Backpack Support for use with the MoVi M10 gimbal stabiliser rig. This cunning device allows your MoVi operator to work for much longer periods, as the weight of the unit is no longer distributed only on the arms. By spreading the payload, much like the Steadicam, you can now capture much longer shot sequences whilst using the MoVi. Our unique design incorporates lightweight carbon fibre rods and bungee cords to create a comfortable, minimalist support rig to hold the MoVi. The bungee cords allow for smooth height transitions which work in tandem with the MoVi’s own gimbal technology.

Watch our video to learn more: